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Black Friday Sale!

Hi friends! How was your Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving falls in October here in Canada, so I didn’t get to eat any turkey or stuffing yesterday (sad!). But I still love seeing all the delicious food and warm fuzzies happening on instagram. This year it felt extra festive because it also happened to be my birthday yesterday! I’m 28… when did that happen?

So it’s time for our big Black Friday sale! Here are the details…


Get an extra 15% OFF ALL SALE FABRICS

That’s not all! We have a very limited quantity of BRA KITS available, and they’re 10% OFF!

No code is required – the discounts will be applied automatically at checkout. Easy peasy!

The sale starts right now and ends on Sunday, November 27th at 11:59pm PST.

Want to see some of the new fabrics that we’ve added to the shop recently? There is so much good stuff. They’re all included in the 25% off sale! Click the image and it will take you to the product page.


Happy shopping you guys!



New Bra Kits Available for a Limited Time (Sold Out!)


Today I get to show you my recent labour of love. ❤︎ NEW BRA KITS!


Pre-order your kit now! (& scroll down for a deal)

I’m so excited to tell you about these kits! I designed them to be customizable, which I think is pretty cool.

Our base kit is perfect for a stretch soft bra without underwires – like the Watson or Florence Bra. You’ll be able to select your size preference: Small includes 13mm (½”) band elastic and a 2-row hook & eye closure. Large includes 19mm (¾”) band elastic and 3-row hook & eye. Large works best if you’re looking for more support, sewing a larger size, or making a longline bra.

If you like extra support and prefer an underwire bra, you can purchase that add-on. We’ll provide matching underwire casing and extra cup lining.

Like to have matching panties? We’ve got you covered – just select the panty add-on and we’ll send you the materials for that. You can even purchase enough for two or three matching pairs!

Because of all the possible combinations, we’re selling these kits as a pre-order (open until Sunday at midnight or until quantities last). Once the pre-order ends, we’ll order all the supplies and get your personalized kits shipped out by February 15th.

Of course, you’ll still get to see a photo of the supplies that will be in your kit. We even put together mock-ups so you can get an idea of what the bra could look like. Feel free to get creative though! Personally, I love to use stretch lace or knit for the back band and line it with firm power mesh for the extra support. You have enough materials in the kit to do this!

Want to see the colours?

As always, you can trust that all of our supplies are high quality and hand picked. We include firm power mesh for your bra band (it provides the best support!). All of our rings & sliders are jewelry quality metal in gold or silver. Based on some of your feedback, there is now extra cup lining in the underwire kit.

Our bra kits include:

  • stretch fabric (lace or knit) // for cups & cradle
  • clear elastic to stabilize lace edge // lace kits only
  • firm stretch power mesh // for back band
  • non-stretch lining // for cradle
  • narrow plush back picot elastic // for neckline and underarms
  • wide plush back picot elastic // for bra band
  • strap elastic
  • jewelry quality metal rings & sliders
  • hook & eye closure
  • matching bow

Our underwire bra add-on includes:

  • extra non-stretch lining // for cups
  • underwire casing
  • underwires are sold separately

Our panty add-on includes:

  • coordinating knit fabric
  • extra stretch lace // for lace kits only
  • narrow plush back picot elastic
  • matching bow
  • cotton crotch lining


Oh yes, and you can buy more than one kit and save! Buy two kits, get 10% off; buy three or more kits, get 15% off. Discount is applied automatically at checkout. 

Once again, this is a pre-order sale and quantities are limited! Pre-order is open until Sunday at midnight PST or while quantities last. Kits will ship by February 15th.

Hope you love these kits as much as we do!


See what I did there?

Tomorrow we’ll be introducing a new batch of bra kits! They are new and improved and I’m so excited about them. We’re making them customizable this time around so you can really tailor the kit to the type of bra set you want to make. These kits will be available for pre-order, so that we can order exactly what we need for you and *hopefully* not run out as quickly as in the past (although quantities for the pre-order are still limited).

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the inspiration behind the colours and textiles we chose for these kits! There will be stretch lace, stretch velvet (!), and a couple of others that I can’t wait to share. Braspiration 1

Clockwise from top left: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Braspiration 2

Clockwise from top left: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

I’ll be back tomorrow with all the details! Until then, be sure to sign up for the newsletter to be the very first to see what’s new.

Watson Bra + Black Lace Kit

I often get asked if our lace bra kits are suitable to use for the ever popular Watson bra. I am here to say – yes, absolutely! The result is actually really lovely.

I decided to give it a try myself with our black lace bra kit. Here are some photos, if you’d like to see…Black Lace Watson 1Black Lace Watson 2

I went with the longline version of the Watson bra using the 3-row hook & eye kit. I followed Amy’s instructions for cutting a scalloped lace cup.

Black Lace Watson 4

My favourite part of this bra is the pretty insides! I overlocked the cup seams and side seams which gives it such a clean finish. The kit provides clear elastic to stabilize the scalloped lace edge. To ensure the cradle would lay flat and smooth, I hand basted the lace and sheer lining together. I highly recommend this step (you will remove the basting stitches later). In my experience machine basting or simply pinning just does not work as well, the layers always shift for me unless I hand baste.

Black Lace Watson 8

Even though the kit is designed for a bra only, I had plenty of lace leftover. I decided to experiment with incorporating lace into the bikini pattern. I paired the lace with some black knit from my stash, and black lingerie elastics. For the first pair, I used lace for the bum. For the second pair, as an accent at the front side seams.

Black Lace Watson 9Black Lace Watson 5Black Lace Watson 10Black Lace Watson 3

I love the way this set turned out! If you want to sew your own lingerie, using a kit makes sourcing the materials easy. We still have some lace, mesh, and milliskin knit kits left in the shop!

Shelley Bra + Blackbird Lace Bra Kit

I sewed up a Shelley bra with one of our lace kits from the shop, and I thought you might like to see the result! The Pin-up Girls Shelley Bra is my favourite bra pattern du moment. Here’s my bra in all it’s squishy cup glory (I have been pining for a dress form in my size for ages, not just for fitting, but also for photos!).

Shelley + Bra Kit 5Shelley + Bra Kit 6For this pattern, I cut all pieces out of lace, including the back band. The kit comes with 1.5 meters (59″) of 20cm (8″) wide lace, so I had some extra to spare. If the lace were narrower, say 15cm (6″) wide, I would have provided 2 meters in the kit.

I cut a second layer for the back band out of power mesh; this will give the lace extra support. You could simply cut the band out of the mesh, but I like the look of lace.

Shelley + Bra Kit 1Shelley + Bra Kit 3

I cut out the cradle and lower cup pieces out of sheer cup lining (this is the non-stretch lightweight fabric that comes in the kit). Sometimes cup lining is also called “tricot” – this type of lining usually has tiny a bit of give going one way. I’ve also seen tulle or organza used in the place of a cup lining, since it can be hard to find!

Here’s what it looks like all cut out.

Shelley + Bra Kit 4

I like to lay out my bra like this before I start sewing, this way I know I’m not forgetting anything. You’ll notice the upper cup is not lined – this is how the pattern is designed. I did stabilize the scalloped edge of the lace with the clear elastic from the kit. This is very important so that the lace edge doesn’t stretch out.

Shelley + Bra Kit 7

Shelley + Bra Kit 8

These shots in front of the window really give me emoji heart eyes. The lace just looks so delicate and lovely. I really like this colour combination, it’s neutral without being too boring. Since the cup lining is sheer it’s a pretty sassy bra, yet still very supportive.

I think I need to whip one up in black too!

The Anatomy of a Lingerie Kit

Anatomy of a Lingerie Kit

I just added some lovely lingerie kits to the shop (including new lace bra kits!), so I thought it would be a great time to talk about them. When I first started sewing lingerie and began to buy kits, I remember scratching my head at times trying to figure out what each component was meant for. Different shops will offer different varieties and lengths of materials.

lingerie kits

At the moment we have three types of kits: our original Watson Bra & Panty Kits, Lace Bra Kits, and Findings Kits. So what exactly do you get in each of these kits, and how do you use these materials? Let’s dig into the guts of each Blackbird kit!

Lace Bra Kit

Lace Bra Kit - Coral & Blush 2

This one’s our newest kit, designed for an all lace underwire bra. It includes everything you need, except the actual underwires, which are sold separately.

This bra kit is really exciting because it’s versatile. The lace provided is a stretch lace. If a pattern calls for a non-stretch fabric or lace, then you can underline the lace with sheer cup lining, which is provided in the kit! This kit could work with so many patterns (I wish I knew them all). Here are some patterns I know of that could work great with this kit:
  • Merckwaerdigh BHS10 Bra & Merckwaerdigh Mix30
  • Pin-up Girls Classic Bra & Shelley Bra – you can modify these to be all lace (similar to what I did here & here) – all you need to do is underline your lace with sheer cup lining for the cups & bridge.
  • Orange Lingerie’s Marlborough Bra – as above, you can underline your lace with sheer cup lining to make it non-stretch as the pattern requires.
  • Another idea: skip the underwire and use this kit to make a lace Watson Bra. Ou-la-la!

Note: If you are a larger cup size, full coverage patterns like the Classic & Shelley Bra might require extra cup lining. Be sure to check your pattern pieces against the materials provided in the kit to ensure you’ll have enough for your size with the pattern you pick. 🙂

Kit Includes:

  • wide scalloped edge stretch lace (for the cups & cradle) – 59″-78″ (1.5-2 meters), depending on the width of the lace *You can also use stretch lace for the back band, but I suggest lining it with firm power mesh for support!
  • firm power mesh (for the back band) – approx. 9″ X 23″ (23cm X 58cm)
  • sheer non-stretch lining (to line your bra cups, and the cradle) – approx. 9″ X 28″ (23cm X 71cm)
  • clear elastic (to stabilize scalloped lace edge) – 30″ (75cm)
  • underwire casing – 30″ (75cm)
  • 3/8″ (10mm) plush back elastic (for underarm & neckline if required) -1 2/3 yards (1.5 meters)
  • 1/2″ (13mm) plush back elastic (for bra band) – 1 2/3 yards (1.5 meters)
  • 3/8″-1/2″ (10-13mm) elastic strapping – 39″ (1 meter)
  • jewelry quality metal rings & sliders – 1 set
  • hook & eye closure (you will be able to choose 2-row or 3-row) – 1 set
  • matching bow

Watson Bra & Panty Kit

Watson Kit - Ivory & Cloud Blue 3

This was the first kit we ever offered in the shop, designed for the ever popular Cloth Habit Watson Bra & Bikini. There are plenty of materials in the kits for one Watson set (you may even be able to fit in an extra bikini, depending on your size!).

As for other patterns that could work… I was excited to see a tutorial on Coletterie for a jersey Florence Bra – which would pair perfectly with this kit. This kit could also work with Jalie 3131, with the addition of some stretch lining and fold over elastic.

Kit Includes:

  • milliskin nylon lycra knit (for cups and cradle) – 1/2 yard (46cm)
  • firm power mesh (for the back band) – approx. 9″ X 23″ (23cm X 58cm)
  • sheer non-stretch lining (to line the cradle) – approx. 9″ X 28″ (23cm X 71cm)
  • 3/8″ (10mm) plush back elastic – 3 1/2 yards (3.2 meters)
  • 1/2″ (13mm) plush back elastic – 2 yards (1.8 meters)
  • 1/2″ (13mm) elastic strapping -1 1/2 yards (1.4 meters)
  • jewelry quality metal rings & sliders – 1 set
  • hook & eye closure (you will be able to choose 2-row or 3-row) – 1 set
  • matching bow
  • small piece of cotton knit (to line panties)

Note: We also have an all mesh variation for the Watson kit. In this one you’ll get 3/4 yard (69cm) of lighter power mesh, instead of the milliskin & firm power mesh. You just have to cut two layers of the mesh for the back band portion. (Sold out now but more to come!)

Findings Kit

Findings Kit - Orchid & Beige

The Findings Kit was designed to be truly universal. We include tons of narrow elastic so that you’ll have enough for your bra neckline, underarms, and a matching pair of panties if you’d like. It also includes band elastic, strapping, rings & sliders, hook & eye closure, underwire casing, and matching bow. Underwires are sold separately. Using a findings kit is a great way to stash-bust! This kit will provide you with everything you need for most bra patterns – just add the fabric, lace, mesh and linings as needed.

Kit Includes:

  • underwire casing – 30″ (75cm)
  • 3/8″ (10mm) plush back elastic (for underarm, neckline, and panties) – 4 1/3 yard (4 meters)
  • 1/2″ (13mm) plush back elastic (for bra band) – 1 2/3 yards (1.5 meters)
  • 3/8″-1/2″ (10-13mm) elastic strapping – 39″ (1 meter)
  • jewelry quality metal rings & sliders – 1 set
  • hook & eye closure (you will be able to choose 2-row or 3-row) – 1 set
  • matching bow

Hope this inspires you guys to sink your teeth into lingerie sewing! Using a kit makes the whole process way less daunting. You can forget about gathering all the supplies, and let us do that for you.

Happy sewing!