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Winslow Culottes in Tencel Twill

Hey there friends! I hope you guys are enjoying the first few official days of summer. It’s been a great month for new patterns, hasn’t it? I am totally smitten with Marigold, Penny, and Sophie. But today, I am here to tell you about Winslow.

Winslow-Culottes-5 Winslow-Culottes-14 Winslow-Culottes-12

These are the Winslow Culottes by Helen’s Closet. I was lucky enough to test this pattern for Helen, and I honestly could not be more thrilled to come out the other side with these culottes. I absolutely love them.

Winslow-Culottes-6 Winslow-Culottes-16 Winslow-Culottes-4

Let me give you some background. I started following Helen’s blog early this year. It may have been her parrot culottes that got me hooked. Or, maybe her quilted Linden? Swoon. I was instantly drawn to her cool style and incredibly down to earth voice. Plus, she lives in my city! And we’re the same age! And I want to meet more sewing people in real life! *Queue sweaty palms and nervous laughs*. Meeting internet friends in real life is pretty nerve wracking.

Anyways, Helen and I exchanged some instagram love, and after finally admitting our mutual girl crush via e-mail, we decided we needed to meet up. (Yay!) We spent an afternoon in the park, followed by some sew-in time at Spool of Thread (we taped together PDF patterns and cut out projects). I had such a great time and I knew immediately that we would be “real life” friends. And now we are! Meeting new people and putting yourself out there is scary sometimes, but I hardly ever regret it. If you’ve been friend crushing on someone, I encourage you to make a move.

So that’s the story. Helen is super awesome, and you should check out her blog. 🙂


So, about the culottes. Culottes are bit polarizing aren’t they? I think people either love them or hate them. Ever since I noticed this trend on the rise, I’ve been super into it from the sidelines. I honestly felt like culottes were not for me because I didn’t think they would look great on my curvy body. Then when Helen started sharing photos of her upcoming pattern, I thought she looked so cool. When I got the opportunity to test the pattern, I just couldn’t say no. I had to give it a shot!

Winslow-Culottes-3 Winslow-Culottes-7 Winslow-Culottes-9

I immediately knew I wanted to test View C (midi length), in a neutral fabric with great drape. Enter, Tencel Twill. My love affair with this fabric knows no bounds. Ever since I started selling it in the shop, it’s been a huge hit with customers too. It’s soft, drapey, opaque, and breathable. The surface is brushed, so it has a unique yet subtle suede look. You can do so much with it – trousers, skirt, dress, top. It’s a neutral solid, with some interest.

Winslow-Culottes-11 Winslow-Culottes-2

After completing my culottes, I tried them on, slipped on my clogs, and literally did not want to take them off. There is so much to love. The waistline is flattering. The pleats are elegant and modern. The length is perfect for my style. I love the simplicity of this pattern, and how quickly it comes together.

On my next pair, I may adjust the seat to accommodate my, um, full bum. Aside from that, I wouldn’t change much about the pattern. This version is still 100% wearable. I love the way they fit, feel, and the way they look.

I was worried that culottes would look frumpy, or make me look wider. I honestly think they do the opposite. I feel put together, comfortable and so chic when I wear these. Lesson learned: taking a chance is always a good idea, with sewing and with friendships.


The Details
Pattern: Winslow Culottes by Helen’s Closet (coming soon)
Fabric: Tencel Twill in Navy (Being restocked soon! It’s currently available in black, grey, plum)

So what do you guys think? Will you give the culottes trend a try?


Hi friends! With summer in full swing, does anyone else just want to spend all day by the pool? I know I can’t be alone in this. But work must go on despite the gorgeous weather. I am keeping super busy hunting for new fabrics, planning for the upcoming months, and doing my best to get outside when I can! It is summer after all. Here are some snapshots of life lately behind the scenes…

New Fabrics Preview 2 New Fabrics Preview

A little preview of what’s to come… I love snapping photos like this when I visit my favourite suppliers (I came across a new source last week – second photo – and I am SO excited about their fabrics). I’ve been working on buying more summer fabrics while they’re still in season, and then it’s onto fall! Oh, how quickly things move along.

Fall Fabrics Preview

Made some selections for fall too. These won’t be in for a few months but I thought you’d want to peek at them anyways. I’m not good with secrets.


Remnants! I’m always amazed at how quickly our remnants sell out. This pile disappeared in just a couple of hours (most of them within a few minutes!). Crazy right? If you like bargains and don’t get stressed out about shopping fast, sign up for the shop newsletter and you’ll get an e-mail when the remnants are listed. You should also sign up if you’d like to be the first to know about sales and shop news. I send out a newsletter about 2-4 times a month.


When I started my business, I learned really quickly that so much of running a small business is spent behind a computer. I recently moved my desk next to the window in the office. I definitely feel my most productive when I’m there. There’s something about the natural light and little dedicated corner that really helps me to focus.


I’ve been taking daily morning walks around our neighbourhood. There are so many beautiful flowers everywhere, it’s always such a treat. This also really helps me to stay energized and focused throughout the day.


Vancouver is full of little street art moments! This is in front of Meadow, in Gastown. I was on my way to a meeting to look at new fabrics at a local supplier. Someday I’ll bring my DSLR along and photograph all of the street art gems. When I do, I’ll share the photos here!

Helen + Spool of Thread

I got to meet Helen in May and it was such a treat! We had coffee in the park and then spent the afternoon cutting out projects at Spool of Thread. Speaking of which, did you hear the big news? (!!!) This local shop is going to be a great fit to keep Tasia’s vision for Sewaholic going. I’m excited to see where they take the company next!

Recent Makes

Some recent makes! Clockwise from top left:

I’m going to blog about those culottes soon. I have a lot  to say about them (I love them). What are you guys sewing up lately?

P.S. I really, really loved this post from Cup of Jo on being a feminist.